The international Organization Mexico Branch

Lorenzo Yañez
Global Quality Foundation Ambassador

Global Quality Foundation based in Dubai authorized the granting of the Global Quality Gold Medal (Elite Category) with the support of outstanding citizen Lorenzo Yañez from Mexico, who was appointed as International Ambassador of the Global Quality Foundation.

Mr. Yáñez has broad experience and a solid career in quality and excellence awards, which serves the Global Quality Foundation management with his knowledge of Mexican Society

A letter from the GQF CEO

"Mr. Yañez's career was the key to choosing him as the GQF representative in Mexico. It is vital for our foundation to have the support of such a strategic partner, so that all countries in the world where quality is applied every day and all citizens nurturing this potential have the chance to be awarded and recognized internationally in Mexico City.

Our mission is to turn international attention towards all those who deserve recognition for their excellence, regardless of their field of expertise.

This beacon will light the way for future generations, providing them with excellent role models and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow to build a better world."